Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Bavarian Illuminati

The Bavairian illuminati is one of the more straight-forward of the bunch. Most people believe their ties are masonic. The founding fathers of America (United States Of) are members of this fine example, and most believers of this theory credit the founding of the USA entirely to them.

Adam Weishaupt founded the order in 1776 (a familiar date to be certain) and together with our own George Washington (of the American Masons)paved the way for our modern government. It doesnt take much research to puzzle all of this out.

Everyone can agree on the facts and timelines it seems, the debate is all about where are they now? How much influence do they have today and are they good or evil.

AS for me I rely mostly on the results of the actions. As an American I am fat, dumb and happy. If I am a slave as many imply, I sure am a well fed slave. Lots of luxurys, free time and entertainment too. I say 'three cheers for Mr Weishaupt and Washington'. May their decendants be as wise in manipulations.

Heres a few links to help you gather your own opinion. Good bad or otherwise. my question(s) to the authors of this theory is, why would you need to invade a country you created? Did they lose control somewhere along the line? Should I be afraid of the group that kicked them out? Given the current state of things, should we just give it back to them?

Happy reading.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Theories and plots.. My plan for this blog.

The next several posts will be regarding Various theories. I plan to start with the main illuminati(s), and work through the ideas attributed to them.
Maybe by the end we can sort out the real story from the disinformation. Or not. People have asked me if I am afraid of what might happen if I hit the nail on the head. If I have thought that Miranda might come for me in the night. That would be pretty stupid of them really.
The best way they have to discredit me is to help me along. Publish my book and get my blog a lot of attention, then throw me into the digital nuthouse with all the crazy disinformation. Hide me in plain sight so to speak.

So where to start....Aliens? The Bavarian Illuminati? The Zurich banks and finance? Hmmmm...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Do you believe?

Do I believe in a conspiracy? Of course I do. Any group of people who get together for a singular purpose conspire to meet their goal. The question is, how powerful are they and is there one powerful enough to control the world in a singular effort?
Certainly the technology is present. Without doubt the motivation is there. Whether or not they have achieved illuminati status remains to be seen. After all, one group would need to overpower or subvert all the others until little competition remained. Perhaps that’s why they remain ‘secret’.
A question I want you to consider is, are we so sure this is a bad thing?